Sep 05, 2012

Stripping, Mulching, Shaving, Removal, De-thatching, Sprig Harvesting The Field TopMaker can be set to remove the top layer of sod and soil to a depth of 2". 

The Field TopMaker can be set to remove the top layer of sod and soil to a depth of 2". This lends itself well to emergency turf repairs for those high profile and professional games that must take place before rooting has a chance to develop. With the FTM set to strip 2" in one pass, we can reinstall 2" thick cut sod that will be stable enough for a 350 pound professional football player to play on the field the next day. The field doesn't even have to be regraded before installation of the new sod because the machine follows the existing grade precisely.

Eliminate Hauling and Disposal

The conveyor system can be taken out of operation and the high speed rotors can literally pulverize the turf in place, thus eliminating the need to remove, haul and dispose of unwanted sod. We will mulch the turf in one pass, add any soil amendments, till and regrade for new sod or seeding.

Problems with infield lips?

Baseball field lip repair/maintenance is no problem. We can schedule annual shaving to keep the lip from developing.

Thatch removal

Thatch control is a big concern when dealing with the newer Hybrid Bermuda Grasses today. Our equipment will harvest the entire top layer and leave the rootzone intact for regeneration. A typical hybrid Bermuda field can be dethatched (or harvested), regenerated and ready for play within 8 -10 weeks (during ideal temperatures).


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